YTC Magazine Edition #1: Climate Change Denial

The Youth Think Climate (YTC) magazine was born out of a partnership between six youths from ACE Fellowships in Orlando, Florida, and Madison, Wisconsin. The six Fellows recognized the importance of the youth voice surrounding climate change and sought creative ways to express themselves despite challenges presented by COVID-19. The first magazine allowed more than 25 youth voices to proclaim their take on climate denial through various forms of art.  

The theme of this first magazine is climate denial, the rejection of the idea that changes in the Earth’s climate or weather patterns are caused by human activity. The YTC team firmly believes education is critical to evoking progress and represents the root of an equitable future. 

Over several Zoom calls, the team worked for weeks designing this first edition, handling communication, editing, and graphic design. The end-product features interviews with Vic Barrett and Lauren Johnson from Youth Climate Action Team (YCAT), more than 25 submissions, and simple ways to educate yourself and others on the climate crisis. 

The Youth Think Climate Team is delighted to finally share the magazine with the world and inspire young activists to join the fight for climate justice.

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